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PSA unboXed Joins Forces with theDOCK to Tap on Promising Startups for the Port, Maritime and Supply Chain Sector

12 Απριλίου 2019.

psaunboxedthedockPSA unboXed, the Singapore-based innovation and corporate venture capital arm of PSA International, and Israeli-based theDOCK Innovation Hub have entered into an agreement to leverage innovative technologies that will benefit the port, maritime and supply chain sector. Under the agreement, theDOCK will facilitate for PSA unboXed, scouting, screening and investment in promising startups which provide solutions addressing specific challenges cited by PSA.

theDOCK, a global ports, shipping and maritime logistics innovation hub, connects creative startups with worldwide leading maritime corporations, by matching innovative technology solutions with the challenges and needs of its corporate partners.

The partnership between PSA unboXed and theDOCK will kick-start with a first ever maritime tech Hackathon in Israel, solely dedicated to a list of challenges which reflect the digital transformation needs in the port and shipping sector. An early study conducted by theDOCK demonstrated the relevance of many innovative startups to these emerging needs. Such technologies span over IoT, AI, BI, Data Science, AR/VR, Cyber to name a few. The call for applications for the Hackathon will be published in the coming weeks and the event itself will take place in June 2019. Nir Gartzman, Co-Founder and COO at theDOCK, said, “We are excited by the prospects of engaging creative ideation and solution providers to tackle transformation of this sector. Of specific interest will be areas such as ports and its adjacent spaces including maritime, logistics, supply-chain and all that is associated with containerized cargo flow. PSA unboXed has already participated in the Demo Day of our Wave1 PORTfolio startups and the Screening Day of Wave2, hence we are confident with our ability to cooperate together.”

Elton Fong, Vice President of PSA unboXed, said, “PSA unboXed endeavors to be a thought leader and the go-to partner in the startup ecosystem for ideation, co-creation and validation of technology and solutions for the port, maritime and supply chain spaces. We believe that this strategic partnership with theDOCK will help PSA benefit from Israel’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, and improve the dynamism of the industry.”

PSA unboXed joins theDOCK’S network of global maritime leading corporations that recognize the potential of scouting for innovative technologies in Israel. theDOCK’s partners include Wartsila, Lloyd’s Register, Kirby Corporation, DSV, Maersk, Cargotec and others.

"We are very pleased with the prospects of partnership with PSA. Together, we could push the envelope on technology innovation to benefit the sector,” concluded Hannan Carmeli, CoFounder and CEO of theDOCK.


About PSA unboxed


PSA unboXed is the corporate innovation and venture capital arm of PSA International (“PSA”), a leading global port group and a trusted partner to cargo stakeholders around the world. With flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp, PSA’s portfolio comprises a network of over 50 coastal, rail and inland terminals in 17 countries. Drawing on the deep expertise and experience from a diverse global team, PSA actively collaborates with its customers and partners to deliver world-class port services alongside, develop innovative cargo solutions and  co-create an Internet of Logistics. As the partner of choice in the global supply chain, PSA is “The World's Port of Call”. PSA unboXed seeks to nurture innovation and technology from startups which PSA can apply to its core and new businesses in ports, maritime and the flow of containerised cargo.


About theDOCK Innovation Hub


theDOCK is a powerful enablement platform. It facilitates multi-disciplinary ideation and implementation activity and by that expedites market readiness of startups in the domain of smart port, shipping and maritime logistics technology. theDOCK was founded by veteran Israeli high-tech leaders which together with global corporate maritime leaders aim to harness all these assets to deliver practical innovation to port, shipping and maritime logistics operations. The initiative is to feature a meeting place for the mature global companies (ports, shipping, and shipyards) and aspiring creative startups. Whether early stage or late stage – effective Go-To-Market (GTM) is the main buzz. Market expertise and “lab” access provided by the industry enterprises is the secret sauce.













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